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iPE Auspuff System - BMW M2 (F87)

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iPE Auspuff System:


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Exhaust System Extremely loud sound and comfortably quiet become one with iPE iPE is proud... mehr
Produktinformationen "iPE Auspuff System - BMW M2 (F87)"

Exhaust System

Extremely loud sound and comfortably quiet become one with iPE

iPE is proud to present our newest line of titanium exhaust - BMW M2 Titanium exhaust. Our iPE exhaust and Valvetronic muffler are made of ultra-light titanium material. Weight is reduced by 39% compared to stock. With our in-house R&D team, we dedicate to maximise engineering flow for the best power output, performance increase is rated as +22hp@5900rpm and +22.54Nm@3300rpm. Horsepower and Torque increase extends customer's expectation and stands out from our competitors, which makes it a perfect match for BMW M2.
iPE exhaust system is always famous for our patented F1 style sound enhancement. We are very careful with tuning out droning sound of the exhaust to ensure the comfort for long distances. Our distinctive system creates a deeper sound of marvelous tone and volume and delivers a fantastic driving experience as the valve opens and the revs rise.

All standard tips comes with golden tips.  Other colors are value-added.

WARNING - Please read these disclosures carefully prior to your installation!

1.Improper adjustments made during installation may result in short-term to permanent damages to the iPE exhaust system and/or your vehicle.
iPE will not be held responsible for any damages to the vehicle, and warranties on our products will be voided if the damages occurred due to improper installation.If you have any trouble installing the system please contact your authorized dealer! 

2. The manufacturer, importer or dealer shall not be liable for any incidental damage including personal injury or any other damages caused by improper installation or operation of the iPE exhaust system. When installing the iPE exhaust system be careful that the exhaust system does not touch other parts sensitive to high temperature.

3. iPE makes no representation or warranties with regard to damage caused by the improper installation, use and maintenance of the iPE exhaust system. The warranty is limited to defects recognized by our technical department and of normal use only, and excludes items subject to normal wear and tear(gaskets and damping wool). The warranty is voided in case of accidents, modifications, improper or competition uses.

Fahrzeugmodell: BMW M2 (F87) - 2016 - 2018
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